Fourstar Group


BEATSYNC® Sound Activated String Lights

BEATSYNC String Lights dance, pulse and blink to the beat of your music. Featuring an internal, built-in microphone, BEATSYNC is designed to detect a wide range of sounds – creating a magical light show for any occasion or any room. Patent pending.



Fourstar Group has been successfully exporting quality food products for many years to national grocery chains and mass merchandisers in the U.S. Our retail partners find from us creativity in food categories, such as cookies, candy, snacks, gourmet foods, sauces, canned fruit, and more. The trend in these categories is demanding better quality appearances.

We stay ahead of our competition by staying current with changing flavor profiles, trends, and ingredients, and by attending national and international trade shows. We provide food and candy programs for every season and various holidays. We have developed a vast factory matrix, which has proven to provide exceptional quality and value, repeatedly.

Electronics’ Accessories

Fourstar Group carries a wide assortment of mobile phone cases and accessories from basic protection to giving consumers that individual look. By always staying ahead of the current trends we are the first to offer the latest in fresh patterns and colors that are the hottest on the market. We are able to stay current with phone developers based on our connections in the tech world to allow us to have cell phone cases available near first release. We pride ourselves on our quality and our quantity of products for this ever changing market.


Men’s and Women’s Comfy Slippers

Who doesn’t love the feel of having their feet snug in the luxurious comfort of soft and plush slippers? Our well received footwear bring in that shopper that has everything or that shopper that needs a last minute gift. Because who can say no to comfort? Whether microfiber, faux shearling, fashion forward or plain we have it all.

Flip Flops

Prepare for the hot weather season in our fashionable yet affordable flip flops. We offer a vast array of styles, patterns, and colors for the whole family. Customers love our team of talented artists that always provide them with the newest and freshest patterns to choose from. We can also provide our customers the ability to collaborate with our art teams to provide them custom artwork.

Home Furnishings and Décor

Through the decades Fourstar Group has led the way with value furniture and home décor. We maintain our business by bringing economical yet aesthetically pleasing furniture that is suitable for everyday living. We aim to bring quality furniture and home furnishings to our customers at a cost savings. We have an incredible selection of décor, furnishings and more.

Contact us to find out more about any of our home furnishings categories below:

Fashion Lamps
Basic Lamps
Office Lamps
Novelty Lamps
Accent Table
Dining Table/Chairs
Jewelry Armoires
Decorative Furniture
Children’s Furniture
Dorm Furniture
Candle Holders
Tabletop Items
Decorative Accents


Fourstar Group has a unique selection of housewares from the very basic to the most exciting that every consumer needs to have.

We design our own products and programs to cater to your customers. We work within your parameters to provide to you quality, value and selection that can’t be matched. We can supply items used in every room of your home including your garage and your yard.

Providing a selection that best fits your needs is how we develop our products and programs; always with you in mind and how best it will fit your shopper.

Tools and Gadgets
Storage and Organization
Kitchen Towel Holders
Decorative Kitchen Accents
Table Top
Center Pieces
Accent Pieces
Household Tools
Cleaning Tools
Gardening Tools


Fourstar Group offers a wide variety of high-quality novelty items across our varied customers’ interests. Our teams continue to scope out and develop new and exciting items to bring our customers innovative novelty items that are original yet highly sellable. We offer a vast assortment of items from gadgets, outdoor gizmos, unique kitchenware, pet accessories, small gifts, office supplies, electronics and more.

Our company was founded on these individual items and complete programs which has grown our company to a worldwide network for the past forty years.

Personal Health Care & Beauty

Need clean hands that smell good? Have the sniffles? Do you have a skin blemish?

We carry numerous personal care items that cover many needs of consumers. We have worked hard in developing full programs of creams, ointments, sprays, etc to cover every possible need of shoppers. Our assortment of personal care and items for beautification are listed below:

Antibiotic Ointments
Anti-Itch Creams
Hemorrhoid Ointments
Scented and Unscented Hand Sanitizers
Pregnancy Tests
Ovulation Predictors
Drug Tests
Digital Thermometers
Powered Toothbrushes
Hot/Cold Gel Beads Products
Intimate Wipes
Makeup Remover
Eye Pillow
Lip Gloss
Muscle Rub Creams
Hydrocortisone Cream
Antifungal Creams and Sprays
Burn & Pain Relief Gel
Hot/Cold Medicated Gel Patch
Acne Spot Treatment
Blackhead Clearing Scrub
Acne Treatment Pads
Tissue Packs
Temporary Hair color
Temporary Hair and Body Glitter

Seasonal Décor & Christmas Village

Whimsical, fancy and everything in between is our specialty. We have décor for every season and occasion. Our team of designers and product development staff are always on the leading edge of what’s hot for the current year.

We have a vast assortment of intricate village houses and accessories: sets and individual pieces. We bring the magic of miniature Christmas houses and figurines to our customers. We also partner with various licensees to offer premium selection of decorative items.


Solar characters have been very popular amongst our customers. They have generated foot traffic just for the popularity of the “one of a kind” characters. By harnessing the sun’s energy our fun characters sway, swing or light up without the need for changing batteries.

Our talented artists are continually providing original designs and assortments.
See our extensive catalog for what we have sold and are developing.

4th Quarter Gifts

Fourth quarter gifts is a business that our customers continually turn to us for our expertise to help them during this important time of year to help bring them what’s novel, different and/or first to market. By constantly sourcing and developing products throughout the year we are able to maintain a vast assortment of quality offerings that are incomparable to what our competitors are offering. Our long term relationships in the field has made us a leader in providing gifts of quality, value and newness.