Fourstar Group

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Fourstar Group has been significantly upgrading our Quality Control and Quality Assurance capabilities throughout the years.

We upgraded and expanded our entire Quality Control and Quality Assurance team in our Asian office putting in new procedures, protocols and safety measures.

We have an in-house laboratory, conducting on-site testing in our Shenzhen facility.

All products are subject to the testing, reengineering, and qualification by our lab and QA approval procedures before any mass production can begin.

Fourstar Group’s lab is capable of conducting testing for heavy metals, flammability, stability, chemical, and moisture content, as well as computerized environmental chamber testing (for ocean transportation condition tolerance), and transportation vibration simulation.

Fourstar has a large team of Field Quality Assurance specialists, who begin by inspecting and qualifying every manufacturer with which we partner. 100% of all shipments are inspected to insure quality is not only consistent throughout production, but that the product is safe and meets all requirements.